MUSE: Sheila Chandra

Posted on 29 July 2017

A few years ago on a random day, I was listening to Pacifica radio station getting my progressive knowledge on and during a break, the host played the most infectious song I've ever heard called "La Sagesse (Women I'm Calling You).  I could not wait until the song ended to find out who this wondrous sound belonged to. This was the voice of Sheila Chandra. So bummed I had not heard of her before, I googled her immediately to find out more. SC was born in London and of Indian decent, her music is classified as Indian Western pop "apparently there was an Indian pop fusion period during the 1980's" but it's clearly soul music to me. SC started out with a group called Monsoon then later did solo projects. She also sings in a style called "speaking in tongues" (off her The Zen Kiss album) that reminds me of a rapper's flow and Bhajan devotional music which is good to help balance the mind, body & soul. SC is now retired, but her music continues to inspire. 


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